Stop war in Ukraine

Dear All, 

Today watching the news we were heartbroken. 

The conflict in Ukraine showed us that we are far from the reign of reason we were hoping for. As a community that believes in science, progress, humanism, cooperation and loves the planet we live on – we want to at least try to have our voices heard by the people who hold the power. 
We’ve decided to write an open letter to the world leaders addressing the destructive nature of war and highlighting the many challenges humanity faces today and how scientific community feels about it. 

We believe in people, who want peace, we know that you are among those people.
We can prove that despite the fact that we live in different cultures, societies and countries, we – are just people. People, who hope for the future of science, not war. 

We believe that only together we can cope with global threats!

Please support our petition on: SIGN