• Rae Kwon Chung
    2007 Laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, Board Director, Ban Ki-Moon Foundation
    2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate as a member of the IPCC "for efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change". Former Advisor on Climate Change to the Secretary-General of the UN
  • Martin Wezowski
    Chief Futurist and Head of Future Hub at SAP
    Responsible for the long-term vision of SAP innovation and the impact on innovation strategies. One of Germany's 100 most innovative minds as "Software Visionary"
  • Keishia Thorpe
    Global Teacher Prize Winner, 2021, LifeChanger of the Year, EduPresenter
    2021 Global Teacher Prize winner ($1 million prize). Co-Founder and Vice President of U.S. Elite. National Life Group's 'Lifechanger of the Year' Grand Prize Winner (2018-2019 School year)
  • M. Iqbal Choudhary
    Coordinator General of COMSTECH, Distinguished National Professor, Fellow The World Academy of Sciences, Pakistan Academy of Sciences
    Coordinator General Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH). Second most productive scientist in Pakistan (2015). Mustafa Prize for the discovery of fascinating molecules with therapeutic applications (2021)
  • Sayasat Nurbek
    Kazakhstan public figure and Minister of Science and Higher Education of Republic of the Kazakhstan
    Head of the "Atlas of new professions" project, where professions that are likely to appear in the future were collected. He was the CEO of the educational company BTSDigital, and led the projects of this company
  • Nurdaulet Aidossov
    Board Chairman of Jusan Bank, finance specialist
    Started his professional career at HSBC Bank Kazakhstan and has over 14 years of experience in Kazakhstani and international financial institutions. From 2019 to the present, he held the position of Chairman of the Board of Jusan Invest JSC, combining it with the position of Managing Director of the Private Banking block at Jusan Bank
  • Dinara Satzhan
    Famous television presenter, Blogger, Programme author
    Kazakh journalist, entrepreneur, fashion producer, and owner of a network of Kazakh multi-brand stores, as well as the Dinara Satzhan brand. In 2017, as an adviser to the Chairman of the Board of the television and radio complex "Kazakhstan", she was engaged in rebranding the National TV channel "Qazaqstan"
  • Treisha Thorpe
    Founder, CEO and President of the U.S. Elite, International Track and Field
    Co-founder and President of U.S. Elite (2005), Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award (2021). Provost Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Marc Uzan
    Founder and Executive Director at Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, Director of the Paris Office of the Centre for European Policy
    Executive Director and founder of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee. Director of the Paris Office of the Centre for European Policy. Consultant/advisor helping private and public sector clients plan high-level conferences across the globe
  • Artem Oganov
    Founder of the Commission on Crystallography of Materials at the International Union of Crystallography
    Theoretical crystallographer, mineralogist, chemist, physicist and materials scientist. Founded (2011) and chaired (2011-2017) the Commission on Crystallography of Materials (International Union of Crystallography). University Latsis Prize (2006), European Mineralogical Union Research Excellence Medal (2007), 1000 talents professor (2012, China)
  • Islambek Salzhanov
    Chairman of the Presidium, Kazakhstan Association for Blockchain technologies
    Kazakh entrepreneur, philanthropist, one of the "100 new faces of Kazakhstan", co-founder and CEO of the Altyn Kyran group of companies. Islambek is the owner of the Order "Kurmet" and Parasat (2018), the Gold Medal and the diploma "Patron of Education - 2012", the Golden "Paryz 2013" in the nomination "The Best Social Project of the Year"
  • Ada Yonath
    2009 Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Israeli crystallographer, Director of the Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Center
    First-ever Israeli woman to receive a Nobel Prize, the first woman in 45 years and the fourth woman in human history to win the Chemistry prize in 2009 "for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome", which contributed to the development of new antibiotics
  • Tawakkol Karman
    2011 Laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, Yemeni journalist, Human rights activist and Politician
    First Arab woman received a Nobel Prize (2011), second Muslim woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Journalist, politician and human rights activist. Well-known as "the Mother of the Revolution" and "Iron Woman" among Yemen's youth movements. One of the 100 most influential women
  • Lyman A. Page
    2018 Breakthrough Prize winner in Physics, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Physics at Princeton University
    Member of the Executive Board of the Simons Observatory, an Advisor for Gravity and the Extreme Universe at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Shaw Prize in Astronomy (2010). Gruber Prize in Cosmology (2012, 2015)
  • Robert Weinberg
    H-index: 210
    Inaugural Winner of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, Legend in the field of cancer research
    Professor for Cancer Research at MIT, a legend in this field. Founding member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences (2013), Japan Prize (2021)
  • Christopher Hacon
    Distinguished Professor of mathematics at the University of California
    2018 Breakthrough prize winner in Mathematics. Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Presidential Endowed Chair at the University of California. Member of the National Academy of Sciences (2018)
  • Arsen Tomsky
    CEO and Founder of inDrive, Developist and Challenger of injustice
    CEO and Founder of InDrive, developer and challenger of injustice. He leads the company's global team of more than 1500 employees and over 100 million-user inDriver ecosystem in 42 countries worldwide
  • Tim Draper
    Venture capital investor and Founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper University, Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates and Draper Goren Holm
    #1 Venture capital investor, founder of DFJ, Draper University. One of the top 100 most powerful people, the top 20 most influential people in Crypto, #1 most networked VC by AlwaysOn, #7 on the Forbes Midas List and #48 most influential Harvard Alum. One of the top 30 Startup Gurus in the world
  • Christopher Hopper
    Co-Founder and CEO at Aurora Solar
    Co-founder of Aurora Solar, the solar industry's leading platform for solar PV system design and sales. He is the Founding Member of BBOXX. Cadzow Smith Engineering Award (2011). Forbes 30 under 30 — Energy (2017)
  • Steven Pinker
    H-index: 63
    2013 Richard Dawkins Award winner, Kistler Prize winner, Troland Research Awards winner
    Bestselling author, Professor of psychology at Harvard University. The 100 Most Influential People in the World Today (2004). Top 100 Global Thinkers (2005, 2008, 2010, 2011). Top 10 World Thinkers (2013)
  • Kirk Borne
    #1 Top Big Data worldwide influencer, #2 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence worldwide influencer Global Speaker, Worldwide Top Influencer, Astrophysicist
    #1 Worldwide Digital Influencer for 2018-2019 by IPFC Web Agency. #2 Machine Learning and AI worldwide influencer. Founder and Director for Space Sciences, Co-Founder of ARIES Scientific, Founder and Owner, Data Leadership Group LLC, Advisor to SYNTASA and CIPIO Inc., Chief Science Officer of DataPrime, Inc.
  • Ashton Applewhite
    Leading spokeperson for the anti-age conference movement, co-founder of the Old School Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse
    Author of "This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism". Influencer of the Year (2016, the PBS site Next Avenue's annual list of 50 Influencers in Aging). In 2015 she was included in a list of 100 inspiring women who are committed to social change
  • James Handler
    Named "Internet Web Expert" for US Office of Science (2010), Director of RPI-IBM Artificial Intelligence Research Collaboration
    AI researcher at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. One of the originators of the Semantic Web. First computer scientist to serve on the Board of Reviewing editors for Science. One of the 20 most innovative professors in America and "Internet Web Expert" (2010), Open Data Advisor to New York State (2013)
  • Juergen Schmidhuber
    H-index: 97
    Director, AI Inititative of KAUST, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of NNAISENSE, Co-director of the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research
    Father of modern AI. Director, AI Initiative of KAUST, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of NNAISENSE, Co-director of the Dalle Molle Institute for AI Research. IEEE CIS Neural Networks Pioneer Award (2016). NVIDIA Pioneers of AI Research Award (2016). One of "Top 100 Leaders of Switzerland 2018". Steiger Award (2019)
  • Richard Frackowiak
    H-index: 210
    Professeur titulaire at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
    British and French neurologist and neuroscientist, founding director of the Functional Imaging Laboratory. One of the initiators of the Human Brain Project (2013). K-J. Zülch Prize of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (2004). Ig Nobel Prize (2003)
  • Susanna Loeb
    Education economist, Distinguished Research in Teacher Education Award
    American education economist. Distinguished Research in Teacher Education Award and director of the Annenberg Institute at Brown University. American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member (2020)
  • Jo Boaler
    Stanford University Professor, One of the most creative, innovative Educators in the world today, reveals six key skills necessary for continuous development
    Education author and Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Co-founder and faculty director of youcubed, a Stanford centre that offers free mathematics education resources to teachers, students and parents. White House presenter on women and girls
  • Bill McKibben
    2013 Gandhi Peace Award, Environmentalist and Author
    American environmentalist, author and journalist, who has written extensively on the impact of global warming. Co-founder and senior advisor of the first global grassroots climate campaign group 350.org. One of the world's 100 most important global thinkers. "Probably America's most important environmentalist" (Boston Globe)
  • Bernardo Kastrup
    Articulate and informed critic of the Materialist Paradigm, Scientist turned Philosopher
    Articulate and informed critic of the materialist paradigm. Executive director of Essentia Foundation, which identifies and helps to promote scientific and philosophical work relevant to metaphysical idealism and non-dualism. From scientist to the philosopher: PhD in computer engineering and PhD in philosophy
  • Gina Schöler
    German Minister of Happiness and Well-being, Trainer, Speaker and Coach
    Minister of Happiness – trainer, speaker and coach in the field of happiness, lifestyle and contentment. Author of "The little piece of happiness would like to be picked up" and "30 Minuten Life Design"
  • Andrew Oswald
    ISI Highly-Cited Researcher, Professorial fellow of the ESRC, Member of the Board of reviewing editors of Science
    ISI Highly-Cited Researcher. Professorial fellow of the ESRC. Member of the board of reviewing editors of Science. Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science at the University of Warwick
  • Bin He
    Biomedical engineering scientist, Trustee Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Neuroscience at Carnegie Mellon University
    Trustee Professor and Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Made significant original contributions to electrophysiological neuroimaging, multimodal functional neuroimaging, brain-computer interface and cardiac electrophysiological tomography
  • George P. Chrousos
    Professor of Pediatrics and Endocrinology Emeritus and Former Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics
    Pediatrician, endocrinologist, neurobiologist and one of the world's foremost medical clinical researchers. UNESCO Chair on Adolescent Health Care. One of the 100 most cited scientists internationally and the highest cited clinical endocrinologist or pediatrician in the world
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